• Within a reputable wholesaler of professional LED lighting, John van de Rijdt has carried out sustainable process improvements, which have led to significant cost savings and commercial spin-off to customers.
  • An innovative company in rapid highend smart electric charging points for electric vehicles, John van de Rijdt  has worked as a.i. strategic product marketing manager. John has made ​​a significant contribution to the professionalization of the product management functions, such as business processes that are involved (eg setting up a commercial product and technology roadmap, the introduction and refinement of marketing communication campaign).
  • John van de Rijdt worked as marketing & organisation manager for an electrical contractor. Through customer and employee satisfaction surveys, among others, he developed recommendations for the mid- to long-term strategic business positioning. He also increased employee involvement in rolling-out improvement processes. The result was customer-focused and highly effective operational management.
  • For a wholesale and production organisation, John van de Rijdt worked as ad interim organisation manager. Through a quick scan analysis he rolled-out and implemented improvement processes in the organisation. The result: more effective, customer- focused operational management.
  • In an international furniture wholesale organisation, John van de Rijdt worked as ad interim purchasing manager leading a team of 30 staff. He focused on making performance measurable by introducing KPIs, analysing and optimising the internal purchasing processes, and optimising the work of teams and individuals. The result was improvements in quality, logistics, cost prices and communication performance.
  • At a listed Taiwanese manufacturer of passive electronic components, John van de Rijdt took on ad interim responsibility (through an acquisition) as Area Marketing & Sales Manager with the objective of implementing process improvements for the respective sales teams (with 12 account managers) in Germany, the UK and the Nordic countries. This resulted both in a clearly defined product matrix and the gaining of new customers.
  • At a listed multinational (Philips Components) with products including passive electronic components, John van de Rijdt took on ad interim responsibility (through the merger of two departments) as Product Marketing Manager for power solutions. His tasks included the development of both short- and long-term product roadmaps as well as the strategic business plan. The results were new and innovative product developments with the right cost price structure, in defined product/market combinations.
  • At Philips BU Monitors, part of the Consumer Electronics division, John van de Rijdt as Product Marketing Manager launched specific colour monitor models on the market for the various types of Apple computers. Through creative, market-focused thinking and using simple, cost-effective tools, he enabled the creation of a new colour monitors range, parallel to the existing product range, for (Eastern) Europe and Latin America), which were 100% compatible with the various Apple configurations. He developed not only the business plan but also the marketing campaign. The result was a market share of 14% gained over a two-year period, and 8% higher turnover for the BU.
  • At Philips Television Development, John van de Rijdt worked on setting up a new back office with responsibility for defining the project development procedures for television development. The results were reduced cycle times and standardisation of the project development phases, leading directly to significant cost savings.