Customer returns management

RKRM is a programme to increase the effectiveness of your company’s sales efforts. RKRM focuses on retaining and developing profitable customers. This helps to change the goal of the organisation from gaining market share to gaining customer share.

To do this, RKRM offers a coordinated set of tools, built up of modules focused on improvements in the following five areas: Strategy, Customers, Satisfaction, Processes and Partners. The intensive involvement of your employees in the deployment and implementation of the modules means the first improvements will already be visible within just a few days.

What are the benefits?


  • Of areas in which the commercial strategy can be improved
  • Of important and profitable customers
  • Of customer satisfaction levels

Building long-term customer relationships

  • To retain and develop profitable customers
  • To develop the 1:1 relationship with each customer

Buy-in for change

  • Support for the improvement of internal processes
  • Support for the implementation and use of a CRM system

Increased turnover

  • Based on loyal and profitable customers

Lower costs

  • The right marketing efforts focused on the right customers