Your mission and strategy

No company can be successful and innovative without a clear mission and vision. These define what you want your company to achieve in the coming years.
The mission is your organisation’s raison d’être. It need not always be based on purely economic considerations, but can also include your approach to (team-) working and partnerships.

The vision defines the objectives you want your organisation to reach. How will the company look in 5 years from now? Your ambitions and drivers are of great influence in defining the vision.

Once you have defined the mission and vision, you can formulate your objectives. What do you want to achieve in concrete terms, and by when? The way you do it is expressed in the strategy, which involves operational management and innovation.

But a well defined strategy alone isn’t enough. The way you communicate with your employees plays a crucial role in the total picture. Teamworking on opportunities and goals, sharing responsibilities and working enjoyment are all factors that increase your company’s chances of success.