Your answers to the questions listed below give an indication of the need for overall or partial process improvement in your organisation. What would the situation be if you were able to meet that effectively? What would the effects of this be for you and your employees, and for both existing and new customers?

Yes | No

Do you need to increase the profitability of your organisation?
Do you notice that not everybody accepts or buys into your ideas and ambitions?
Do you sometimes find you can’t share your business problems with a trusted confidant or advisor?
Do you believe that your sales and marketing methods could be improved?
Should there be more support in your organisation for supply chain management and integration?
Do you find it difficult to delegate because you are too involved in operational management?
Do you sometimes ask yourself: “What have I exactly done today”?
Do you think that a strategic business plan could create added value for your organisation?
Have the costs of your organisation recently increased significantly (for example relative to the rate of increase of your sales)?
Have your customers become more critical of your organisation over the years?
Does your organisation need to innovate increasingly rapidly to maintain its competitive edge?
Is there a need in your organisation to increase effectiveness and personal output?
Is there room for improvement in your organisation by clear assignment of tasks and responsibilities between the departments and/or colleagues?
Are there people in your organisation who could benefit from training in areas such as leadership, communication, behaviour and/or motivation?
Does your organisation need to respond faster to product innovations and new market opportunities?
Are there clear signs of resistance to change processes in your organisation?
Do you sometimes think that people in your organisation find it difficult to admit mistakes and/or are afraid to express their views?
Do you regularly find a lack of clarity, doubts and/or heated discussions in your organisation?
Totals in yes/no

If you answered up to 7 of the 18 questions with ‘yes’, then your organisation is under reasonably to good control.

If you answered between 8 and 13 questions with ‘yes’, then a discussion with Rightway Marketing & Organization Advice could prove to be well worth while.

If you answered 14 or more of the 18 questions with ‘yes’, then Rightway Marketing & Organization Advice guarantees that it can help you to improve your operational management, and as a result to increase your profitability.
In brief: It’s always worth while to contact us for an initial exploratory discussion.